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Cost-effective Solutions from Filipino Geeks

Posted on March 5, 2015 0 Comment

Filipino Geeks working

As the services sector continues to boom in the Philippines, one of South East Asia’s fastest growing economies, talented Filipino workers are getting increasingly noticed internationally in all segments of the Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) arena.Every year, the Philippines produces more than 400,000 college graduates wherein a number of these new professionals choose a career in outsourcing – either home-based or office-based. This makes the country a viable source for a competitive pool of workers.

Filipinos who work in IT-enabled services, be it as Programmers, Web Developers, Virtual Assistants, Content Writers, and many others, offer world-class expertise to clients worldwide. Filipinos have a very good reputation for excellent work ethics — delivering efficiency and productivity, thus making them technology and service “geeks” clients can do without.

The desirable Filipino work attitude can be attributed to their deep-rooted tradition and culture. And hiring them can be one of the best business decisions a company can make. Here are a few reasons why:

1. They work very hard.Filipinos are by nature, hard workers and very much service-oriented. They are capable of working long hours (overtime is like a natural thing), can multi-task, and are indeed very loyal. All these they do with passion and a smile.

2. They are highly-competent. English is spoken almost like a first language in the Philippines. In fact, you can travel to the most remote area in the country and yet find that people speak and understand English. People learn the language since pre-school and it is used as the language of instruction in both government and private sectors. Finding a Filipino worker who write and speak English fluently is never a problem.

3. The Filipino ways rock.While it is true that Filipino culture has been largely shaped by colonial influence (Spanish, Japanese, American occupation), it cannot be denied that Filipinos still retain a conservative nature. Tradition and religion (predominantly Roman Catholic) play a vital role in the generally obvious God-fearing and close-family orientation of the people. They have very high respect for elders as well as authority.

There are indeed a lot of good reasons why Filipino Geeks are a pleasure to work with. Thanks to these geniuses, companies the world over – large or small, can finally reduce operating expenses yet enjoy high-level service and more.

Well, the demand for Filipino Geeks isn’t going to take a halt anytime soon. The world would certainly need more and the Philippines may have a tough time keeping up with demand.