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Filipino Geeks: Fast, Knowledgeable, Reliable and Who Work Cheaper Than Other IT Specialists

Posted on March 4, 2015 0 Comment

The Philippine islands are some of the most beautiful in the world and with over 1500 islands; to choose form you have thousands of miles of beaches and people that are some of the friendliest in the world.

Filipino Geek City

Along with their friendliness and hospitality that they show visitors they are some of the hardest working people in the world.The entire country has a work ethic that other countries should emulate. They need this as while the country is beautiful they have little in the way of natural resources to use and export. So, instead they export some of the most skilled labor in the entire world.

The Filipino Geek is often fluent in at least two or more languages with English being one of the most popular. They then go abroad and become doctors, nurses and skilled seaman manning merchant fleets worldwide.

One of the newest areas of expertise is IT Specialist. Since the only way most families keep track of their far-flung relatives is via the net. The Internet infrastructure is quite extensive and even small villages have Net Cafes where people go to talk with friends, family and run businesses all over the world.With all this Internet hardware and tech knowledge going around it is only natural that the Island start export its IT Specialists and their expertise along with the other many skilled tradesman who work abroad.

However, instead of exporting IT specialists the Philippines is moving into the IT outsourcing business, following in the highly successful business models pioneered in India.

Certain areas in the islands have schools built near IT facilities. The local Filipino Geek is trained, skilled, and certified as an IT Specialist. They next get jobs working in the IT facilities and these centers outsource their expertise at very competitive rates.Since the Philippines are tied directly into the major trunk lines for the Internet, which go through Taipei, Tokyo, and the Hawaiian islands they are in the center of the action for the entire Pacific Rim and America.This means that Filipino Geek IT Specialists work on any project anywhere in the Rim or the rest of the world as well.

Filipino Geeks perform Web or software development, Call Center for Technical support on IT matters. They do it all quickly, efficiently, and they can underbid many of the other countries providing these same services like India, China, and the US.

This provides you with high quality Graphics Designer, Programmer, or Web Developer you need, all done with skill, panache, and a work ethic that is legendary in the International Community.

Cost competitive, they work on any IT job anywhere, and anytime, you need them.

So next time you need an IT project brought in on time and on Budget?

Hire a Filipino Geek!